SACS Tool SWA Cable Stripper

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Introducing the fantastic SACS Tool - SWA Cable Stripper from Electricians Direct.

The Best Selling Product on Electricians Direct.

The SACS (Steel Wire Armoured Cable Stripper) tool is a revolutionary new tool that can be used on all concentric type cables, copper pipe and plastic conduit. 

  • Cuts around the cable (replacing hacksaw)
  • Adjustable depth
  • Cuts along the length of the cable (replacing knife)
  • Scores the armour making it easier to snap off
  • More accurate (cleaner cut)
  • Much safer than traditional methods

It will cut both Circumferentially and Longitudinally with less effort and more accurately than present methods.

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It’s compact and ergonomic design enables the user to terminate cables easier in confined spaces and far more safely. Made from heavy-duty steel and precision engineered steel parts, this tool is built to withstand repeated usage.

The SACS (Steel Wired Armoured Cable Stripper) tool has been designed by an experienced electrician who appreciates the hazards of stripping cable using hacksaw and utility knife.

Use SACS (Steel Armoured Cable Stripper) tool to quickly, safely, and accurately strip both armoured and non armoured cables. 


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